For the best MESSY HAIR


MESSY HAIR is my obsession !
 I hate to see myself having well combed and clean-look hair. My nightmare when I go to the hairdresser is to look like I've been there...yes yes, you think I'm crazy now, ...but I know very well that some of you can understand me very well !...after I've tested so many products for "messy hair" look, I finally found the one :
 the Taft powder rough & tough. 

Actually this powder is designed to add texture to the hair, without leaving a sticky finish. The powder becomes invisible in seconds, leaving you with texturised hair that has volume and a matte finish.It is ideal to give volume to the roots  but I use it all over, ... be careful, a very small amount is enough, the product is only 10 gr. So, although your hair is clean, in a moment you have the best messy look. It looks much more better the next day ;-) as your hair will separate in flocks !

Bellow u can see Heidi Klum using one of these magic powders...


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