The Pitti Uomo wheat field

The entrance square of the 82nd PITTI IMAGINE UOMO became this large wheat field, with scarecrows wearing the creations of 30 selected brands...called "Wonderfood!".

This famous post every season is the trade mark background for every street style photographer as it is always besieged by international photobloggers.. 
It is the best post to take the best photo shoots, as it is the entrance of the fair, so everybody is constrained to walk through this square to visit the pavilions...

...I think everybody who has visited Pitti Uomo sometime has a photo souvenir sitting on these stone benches! 

...actually I'm wondering, who is more remarkable or famous, 
the fashion personalities in the fotos, 
or this post of the entrance square in Pitti ...?

some of these fotos have been posted again in a previous post, from fashionising.com
the most of the others are from gq, tumblr, streetfsn, and thefashioncommentator.

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