Stelios Koudounaris for MAD Video Music Awards

...one of my favorites and most famous Greek designers (born in Cyprus), 
is the reason why many Greek music stars and celebrities had so stunning appearance at the
 MAD Video Music Awards a few days ago!

 Stelios Koudounaris designed the costumes on the stage of :
Eleni Foureira, Thodoris Marantinis, Dimos Anastasiadis and Mary Sinatsaki.

He is also the reason why celebrities such as :
Kostas Martakis, Nikos Ganos, Eleftheria Eleftheriou, Christina Salti, Mironas Stratis and Courtney Parker were so stylish at the red carpet... 

Below you can see some Stelios Koudounaris creations from the backstage and the red carpet of MAD Video Music Awards

more information at Stelios Koudounaris facebook page
and at  Stelios Koudounaris official page

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