Rossidis Rockin' Fall Window inspired by Bruce Springsteen


   Natalie Demicoli , artist from Maltawas asked to draw with chalk 
 on the walls of Rossidis store in Greece.

 ...and she got inspired by the music and the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen
...as the owners of the store are big fans of The Boss !

48 hours of work, much writing, dance and fun
were needed to complete this work of art, 
...with a non-stop listening to Bruce Springsteen's songs...
... at the end of it, we all wished to have more free walls...

This post is dedicated to all fans of Bruce Springsteen
...and especially to the Greek Springsteen Community : " No Surrender "

artist : Natalie Demicoli 
fotos : Kostas Amiridis
store : Rossidis woman store, Greece
idea : Rossidis team

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